Monday, July 19, 2010

New Designs by Variya

I've been planning these lovelies for a little while, and I'm so excited to finally share them with you!  Gold and Silver Salacia earrings, with gold Niobium and silver Titanium options.  Pure bliss.  These were inspired by Poseidon the god of the sea from Greek mythology and named for his wife - Salacia (Amphitrite in the Greek).  A fair amount of my design inspiration comes from the glorious stories in Greek mythology.  I have always loved the adventure, tragedy, and romance this rich literature has to offer.  I began reading it in high school, and continue today, some stories are new to me, others I read again and again.  The gorgeous pearls began the sea motif for these pieces, and the draped chain reminds me of a goddess emerging from the sea.  The white pearls with gold and silver each compliment so beautifully, and are incredibly luxurious!

For you my dear blog following friends I'd like to offer a special discount* of 15% off until the end of July 2010.   To take advantage of this discount you must be a follower of this blog and note "variyablog" in the notes to seller at checkout.  Hurry and take advantage of this fabulous offer!

Now as an extra bonus in this post here is a sneak peek at another new set available soon at Variya.. stay tuned! 
* special discount: 15%  reimbursed via paypal at payment to blog followers with "variyablog" in notes to seller and applies only to Gold and Silver Salacia earrings until midnight July 31, 2010.  Not valid with any other offers or promotions or for any other products.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I recently shared the experience of moving and leaving behind a home that I loved.  My family is staying with my in-laws for the summer while we wait for our house to sell, (another post entirely, it's a horrible time to sell!) and get a start on establishing ourselves in the new venture we have embarked upon.  Anyway, living with my in-laws has been really wonderful, actually, and I am so grateful that I can say that! They are absolutely fantastic people, incredibly generous and hospitable. This post however, is not about them, or our new home, but our newest neighbors:
Yep. Baby skunks! Startling to come upon, but they are damn CUTE!  And so tiny!  They are out at any time of day, so we have to be alert - for instance I went out for a run this morning and walked through the yard with my ipod on, completely oblivious, when I caught a little movement out of the corner of my eye.. I was 3 feet away from one of the little guys munching on the lilies!  We've heard they wander off to find a home of their own after they grow a little, so for now, we will have to pay attention and give them their space. And for me enjoy seeing them from afar!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

I love to celebrate.. almost anything!  I have made it a point in my family to celebrate events and milestones. Most of my celebrating includes good food, which is probably why I love festivities.  
Give me a reason and I will create a feast.  While I can't feast with you, we can celebrate with a special discount in honor of my great home - the U.S.A.!  So whether you are celebrating the 4th of July or not, I'm offering 20% off these RED Titanium Glo Earrings until Monday July 5, 2010.  It's a hot deal.
 Since we've recently moved back to the area my husband and I grew up in, we've been invited to a BBQ with some of his old high school friends.  It should be an interesting reunion - I've never met any of them!  In any case, there will be fireworks on the water tonight, so however the BBQ goes, there will definitely be a good end to the evening =) So off I go to celebrate with some new people - Happy 4th of July!