Monday, June 14, 2010


I wasn't planning to post this week, but I'm feeling spontaneous and I have a few minutes right now, so - why not? .. well I could probably come up with quite a few why nots, like I should probably go for a run, prep dinner, pay some bills... but I'll make this quick =)  I was just over at MamaBuzz a super site with so many great  resources, fun articles, AND GIVEAWAYS!  Who doesn't love them?  I've actually won a couple online this year, so I'm less of a skeptic towards them than I used to be.  I'm doing a Variya giveaway with MamaBuzz for a $25 gift certificate (so I better have left my skepticism behind!).
I felt compelled to post because I was reading through the entry comments and wanted to say WELCOME! to my new MamaBuzz followers.  I was encouraged by the comments posted there, and some here too, so thanks to you all!

If you haven't entered the giveaway at MamaBuzz click here.  * Update - giveaway has concluded - check back here soon - I'll be doing one here!

And now, as a bonus to go along with the spontaneity of this post, here's what I'm listening to while I write and I can't get enough of right now: Train. It came up on my Pandora station which you should also check out if you love (or even like) music.  You can make your own radio station which plays only music that you like - for FREE! It's ace, check it out, it might make your day even better.  Okay..on to things I should get done.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Story of Life

This past mother's day was especially significant for two special people in my life.  My mom lost her mother five years ago, and her father this past year.  My mother in law lost her father a few years ago, and her mother this past year.  In light of these difficult milestones in life, I wanted to acknowledge their parents and family in a memorable way.  I would share photos of these two lovely ladies here, but I think they might not appreciate it for two reason - 1. my mom HATES her photo taken, so i'm sure she would much more hate me posting it here, 2. I've finally moved and am in transition on my husband's laptop and I don't want to take time to plug in more cords and search around for them!  So imagine 2 beautiful, exceptionally loving women here.

I have to also give my husband credit for these gifts I'm about to explain because he sparked the project when he asked me to make something for his mom for mother's day this year (not too long before the special day, I must add!).  I thought that would be a fabulous idea, his mom loves jewelry and is one of my biggest supporters =) We both knew that it must be especially hard to go through the celebration ahead without your parents.  That thought got me thinking about family and how I could commemorate ours in a significant way.  I came up with The Life Story Bracelet.
I did this one is sterling silver and pearls for my mother in law..
and this one in gold for my mom.  Each one is unique, of course, as each of our families are unique.  They consist of one strand of pearls beginning with the birthstone of their parents, followed by pearls representing each sibling in their family (I used my grandmother's vintage pearls here in my mom's bracelet, making it all the more special).  A second strand begins with their wedding anniversary stone followed by the birthstones of the families they began together.  My mother in law is Italian with a strong connection to her heritage, so I added a charm of the colors of the Italian flag in czech glass to hers.
They both loved them =)  My mom's arrived on Monday after mother's day while I was out of town and I came home to the sweetest teary message, the actual words of which I couldn't really decipher, but I understood the meaning!  I love to give meaningful gifts, and these were very rewarding.

I actually liked the idea of having such a meaningful piece, but I'm not a fan of the super sparkly style, so I created another option for people like me with a little edgier fashion sense.. hey I'm a mom too!  Here is that result:
I added a little dangle of my grandparents' birthstones combined with a vintage bead from my grandmother.  i used labradorite (one of my fave stones), dark freshwater pearls, oxidized sterling silver, semi precious stone and opaque glass.  My birthstone is April, however, so I stuck with a little sparkle their since the birthstone is diamond.
If you would like a Life Story Bracelet to give as a special gift, or to have for you very own, celebrating your family story and history please click here, or contact me directly.