Monday, March 22, 2010

So Little Time!

What?! I've actually had some visitors here?! I'm so hesitant to do this blogging thing, I still haven't decided what direction to take or where to fit it into my schedule. Now that I see that people are stopping by, I feel like I've been caught at noon in my PJ's!!

Sorry I'm such a mess!!

Well, actually, it's probably more like this:

.. including the sandals. Case and point of why I haven't figured out where to go with this blog - I just spent 20 minutes looking for those photos! Geesh, who has time for this?! Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I hope you will come check back in sometime soon as I try to figure out where to go with this blog! Drop a comment and say hello if you have a sec.


  1. LOL--I hear does anyone have time for blogging on top of everything else? I keep meaning to start my own blog for procrastinators but I never get around to it. I think I'll list pet peeves on it too.

    Love your pictures, made me LOL!!! Keep on blogging, I know I'll never make one but I really enjoy reading others. Good luck ;-P

  2. ha - thanks pynk, that makes the 20 minutes spent on the photos well worth it! whenever you get around to starting one, i'll follow.. when i get a chance.. lol =)